Drive by posting

Lol I have been so busy with things that I have forgotten to blog! I have gotten some things done that I will write about tonight right now I am am waiting to pick a knuckleheaded child up from detention. I have made 2 hats and got a lot a progress done on my scarf for my swap pal. I still need to make another hat for a different swap….. so until later this evening happy knitting


New Year

Well Happy  New Year! I can’t believe that it has been since September since I have posted. I am going to get back into  the blog world I have missed it.

We had a good Christmas this year, went down and visted my parents and came back home and went  to the in laws. The boys got spoiled rotten as usual! All in all it was a good time. I didn’t knit any gifts this year just ran out of time.

I am knitting right now I am working on a sweater for my mom and a scarf  for my ise pal and a harry potter hat. I am going to be setting up another round of the Hogwarts Sock Swap should be starting at the end of the month and I am going to get pictures up of my current wips.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season!! Happy knitting!

Almost a year

but I finally got them done!! These were supposed to be done last year for Trish for her birthday  so I told her she would have them this year and I got them done with time to spare!! So tomorrow morning she will get her lovely Jaywalkers I have enjoyed knitting this pattern again. I also got another Pink Squared hat done last week

I gave that to Trish too. 🙂 Next up I am going to finish my   swap socks  and then I will be able to get a few christmas presents done.

Happy knitting!!

I am almost at 1500 comments and will be soon so who ever posts the 1500 comment will win some great YARN out of my ever growning stash!!! Good luck!!

Someone want to tell me where summer went??

Holy cow it has been a while. My summer went by with a blur.  I am glad that things are slowing down again! I can get back to my knitting and get some ufo’s to fo’s. The boys went back to school yesterday so I have a little bit of piece and quiet again 🙂 P had his first day of High School and had a good time he was very nervous,  J is in the 7th grade this year so he had it under control and the little man is a big 4th grader and was a bit nervous when I dropped him off in the morning but by the time I picked him up he was having a blast.

I didn’t do much all summer but work which is good for the wallet 🙂 but bad for the knitting. I have been slacking on a lot of things I am trying to get myself in the mood to knit right now and it is just not working. I did read 4 great books over the summer I went to get my hair cut and the girl cutting my hair was talking to someone about the twilight series so I had to find out more….. well J took the kids camping one weekend and I had the house to myself quite so I made a trip to borders and found the first one took it home and had it finished that Saturday night went to walmart the next day and got new moon, and eclipse had those finished in about a week and waited patientlyfor breaking dawn. I love these books and if you haven’t read them you should. I think I have read them all 3 times so far  I got my mom and a friend reading them too, so I had someone to discuss plot twists and turns with.  It was a busy summer but a good one. Now I am ready to get back in my knitting groove. So I hope to have some new FO’s to show you soon 🙂


Happy knitting!!

It’s been a while

I know it has been a while since I have posted things have been a little on the wild side here but I have been knitting like crazy and have manged to finish 2 big projects! The first one has been waiting and waiting for me to finish it I started it way bay in October or November I think. Baileigh’s sweater is finished as of last night!

I used the Cable Coat with Hood from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino the yarn I used is Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo color 134 I think it took around 9 balls and I used a size 3 needle. I love the yarn and the sweater came out great it will be a nice jacket for her this spring and summer. I was just glad to get thins one done before she out grew it!

The second on is for my ISE pal I made her a full size clapotis. I used knit picks dye your own silk merino blend and I dyed it with shades of blue and tan. I love the way it turned out.

Life has been busy with work and the boys I have running around like a crazy woman. Patrick and Jacob just had birthdays and Chandlers birthday is on Monday. I can’t believe that I have a 14 and 12 year old and that baby is going to be 9! Wow I am feeling pretty old.

I am going to be running a contest soon for my blogiversery, I am not sure what kind of contest it is going to be yet but it will be for some good stuff! So make sure you check back!

Have a great day and Happy knitting!


HSKS4 Package and a little nut

I got a wonderful package from Madam Ferula Finnigan aka Sarah! The owl was so tired I let the poor thing rest before letting it fly off again.
It was all wrapped so beautifully that I didn’t want to open it but I couldn’t help myself I had to see all the goodies that were waiting for me!








Now look at all the goodies!








The bag is great I know it will get used for all kinds of projects, My favorite needles addi turbo size 1 that will go wonderfully with the new yarn from Selana’s store the gryffindor colorway is beautiful and it is so soft! Maybe a pattern from the Little Box of sock she sent me! The bath beads are great the box says for the next McPotions class. I love the coffee mug unfortunately it was broken during shipping but I can fix it right up so I will be drinking my morning cup in there.The bookmarks will come in very handy I love the read and never have enough bookmarks! I already have the little memo pad in my purse ready with a list for the store. The magnet is on the fridge I had to get it away from DS#3 he thinks it’s cool

I don’t know how she found out that I collect sheep but that cute little sheep was holding my stitch markers
Thank you so much Ferlua!!






In other news last week was DS#3 school play and he was an acorn. We were asked to make their costumes and I was going to make him a nice big nut but I thought that after I got him in it and stuffed and all sewen shut that he would no doubt have to go to the rest room so plan b foam board felt fabric a nut hat and we made a sandwich board   

He had fun and looked cute I have been knitting getting some thing ready for pictures. Have a happy knitting day!!

Etsy Update

I just updated my etsy store go by and check it out 🙂

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