A warning

Hi everyone I just wanted to let anyone know who didn’t already, if you have paypal and get an email saying that your account access has been limited do not respond to it send it to paypal as this is a fake I found out the hard way and had my bank account emptied out today. Needless to say it has not been a good day I am warning everyone I can think of to stay away from this either delete it or send it to the real paypal. Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day 🙂


Hufflepuff bookmark

Here is my Hufflepuff bookmark I got it finished today. It came out good I like it I know I will get good use out of it.

Trolls and toad abodes

I have these wonderful little bog trolls and a toad abode. They come from Cedar Bog you can visit the web sight at www.cedarbog.org to find out more about them. 2005 Cedar Bog ‘Bog Keeper Troll’ is looking for a home, and for a $15 donation he can come to yours. The trolls were designed by Terry Jaworski our Site Manager with some of the people in the Cedar Bog Association. They are hand made by the 5 Arts Troll company and are collectable. You can order a troll by contacting Sally Engle or stopping by the Cedar Bog booth at the First Friday festivals in Urbana

Today’s knitting

Today I spent the day knitting more pygmy puffs for my mom. My son Jacob came up with wonderful names for all of them. We had a great time doing it, he couldn’t wait to tell her all the names. I also started working on my Hufflepuff book mark which will be done tomorrow. Then I will be starting on Christmas presents. All of my boy want Harry Potter scarves. I will be making one for my nephew Christopher too, he wants 2. I will also be making a Ohio State scarf for one of my best friends little boys. They love Ohio State as do I so why fight it he can be very stylish this winter 🙂
My youngest son Chandler wants a sweater from the Harry Potter movies so I have never made one before I will try my had at it. Hopefully it will go smoothly. Thanks to HPKnits I have lots of patterns to try! Thanks ladies.



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My family

These are my boys Patrick is the tallest, Jacob is in the orange shirt Chandler is the smallest and in the football jersey is my nephew Christopher,and way back in the corner is my brother Scott(Christopher’s Dad) this was at Christmas last year they all have gotten much taller Patrick likes to tell me that he will be taller than me very soon isn’t he sweet 🙂

My Family

This is my husband and niece at a recent paintball trip my husband Joe loves to paintball and got my oldest niece Amanda and nephew Tyler to go with him they all had a really great time

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