Today’s knitting

Today I spent the day knitting more pygmy puffs for my mom. My son Jacob came up with wonderful names for all of them. We had a great time doing it, he couldn’t wait to tell her all the names. I also started working on my Hufflepuff book mark which will be done tomorrow. Then I will be starting on Christmas presents. All of my boy want Harry Potter scarves. I will be making one for my nephew Christopher too, he wants 2. I will also be making a Ohio State scarf for one of my best friends little boys. They love Ohio State as do I so why fight it he can be very stylish this winter 🙂
My youngest son Chandler wants a sweater from the Harry Potter movies so I have never made one before I will try my had at it. Hopefully it will go smoothly. Thanks to HPKnits I have lots of patterns to try! Thanks ladies.


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