Have to get to work!

I have to get cracking on these projects! KnittingI have got 1 bootie done! But that is as far as I got today. What can I say it was a slow day! Tomorrow I am planning on finishing 1 POA scarf. We will see how that goes! Who knows what else I will start! It's All Good


New Project

Ok I have a new project to start I am going to attempt to knit baby booties! I have a pattern for animal booties and I thought I would give it a try ! Wish me luck.
I have gotten a little farther on the POA scarf, OSU scarves not started yet, too much too do not enough time! I need to get started or no one is getting Christmas presents!!

Aren’t these too cute!


I love Sundays! Everyone is doing there own thing and that means I can do mine! I am not knitting today. My hands are very sore and a little puffy, so I am taking the day off. I have some reading to catch up on and I want to bake some Chocolate Chip Cookies and Peanut butter Cookies. I have been in the baking mood lately, it will pass soon so I have to act on it now! The boys are cleaning the bedrooms today I don’t think that they will stay clean for long! I think I am going to clean out my yarn stash today too. I need to get rid of some of it. There are some yarns in there I haven’t used in over a year and there is some I don’t think that I will get around to using! I hope that everyone enjoys their Sunday!! http://www.morepaint.com

Cheers for Chandler!!

Ok everyone Chandler lost his first tooth today!!! He is so excited! He asked me to make him something to put his tooth in for the tooth fairy, so cute 🙂 So I made him a little bag to put under his pillow. He has 3 more loose teeth and is hoping that the tooth fairy will bring him $50.00 for all his teeth. LOL He is too cute I told him that she didn’t make deals so he would have to live with what he got. He was ok with that.

New Shawl

I went on a search to find a nice and easy shawl pattern for my new yarn, I couldn’t find one that I liked. So Last night I cast on 3 stitches and just started at it. I am doing a simple garter stitch pattern with a yarn over on the ends, then knitting the next row and repeating, so far it is coming out really nice I have not had any problems with the yarn there were a few concerns about fraying but so far knock on wood nothing. So hear it is so far I would really love you opinions!

Shopping Trip

I went to Joanne Fabric today just to look……yeah right I can never just look! I was searching the yarn bins, couldn’t really find anything that said BUY ME!! Then I went to the clearance bins! I found too much that spoke to me! So I had to decide what I wanted. I ended up getting 7 balls of Lion Brand Microspun in Lilac, its so soft and yummy! Now I just have to find the perfect shawl pattern to use with it.
In the mail today I got a really cool pattern for a felted spiral wizards hat! I can’t wait to get this one started! But it will have to wait until after I have all my Christmas presents done. I am very proud of myself I am not what you would call organized! So I made a list of everything I need to do for Christmas and since doing this have been checking things off left and right! This is exciting for me, I can never remember what I need to do or what I have finished or started. So hopefully this will help me get through all of my projects!

News of a different kind, I’am finally getting somewhere with my doctor’s and my gastric bypass surgery! Keep your fingers crossed that this time I will get approved!


I got the wrap /shawl finished I think it turned out great! All I have to do is put on the fringe! I hope the person I made it for likes it as much as I do! Now I have to make another one for me! I never get to keep any of my knitting 🙂 That is ok though I wouldn’t have it any other way! On to the next project!! I am not sure what that will be!

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