So Frustrating!

OK so last night during the Ohio State football game I decide that I would start knitting little Will’s OSU hat to go with his scarf, started off great! Then somewhere in between yelling at the tv and closing my eyes so I wouldn’t see the bad plays I got my yarn all twisted and had to rip it all out. I didn’t realize it until the game was over and my mom said oh that is going to be cute! Followed by is it just me or is it twisted. ARGH!!! 3 hours of time almost done and had to rip it out! Needless to say that I will not be knitting during an OSU game anytime soon!! Other than that I had a great weekend Chandler and I went to my parents for the weekend, the boys wanted to hang out with dad. Saturday we went to Craft 2000! YEAH!! I love craft store and they were having a big sale I was in heaven! I got tons of yarn don’t know what I am going to make yet but I got the yarn for what ever comes up! Today my dad, brother Chan, and me went to the flee market Chandler made out like a bandit (normal!) His papaw spoils him! He came out of there with 5 frogs and 2 beanies! It was a good weekend! So now I have to start the hat over oh well! It happens!


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