Ramblings of a sleep deprived crazy person!!

I didn’t sleep again last night I am going to about 2 hrs of sleep right now. I didn’t do any knitting last night which surprised me! I went through a bunch of papers that needed delt with and rechecked my list of gifts I have checked a lot of stuff of! I only have 9 more things to knit! Now realistically I won’t get it all done. I am pretty sure that the gift I am making for my mom won’t be done until after and I know she doesn’t mind, because she is great!
Hubby and I had a good talk the other night and got a lot out in the open about the up coming event’s. His wonderful sister’s are going to help him out with Christmas shopping so he doesn’t have to do it all. That makes me feel better! Chandler has agreed to reenact his play for me and has already started singing me songs. He is so cute! Patricka and Jacob are helping me out by picking up the house! I have to say that I have three great kids that I totally adore!
Well enough rambling! I need to go take a small power nap! Have a great day!!


Sleep? What is that??

I am not sure what sleep is anymore. Another sleepless night equals another hat. Yes that is hat number 7. It is made from hand spun cotton that I bought on ebay. I used size 8 12″ addis and the same old pattern. I only have 2 more hats in this pattern to make! My list is getting smaller! I have one week until surgery and I am pleased with my progress! I do feel bad though hubby is going to have to all the Christmas shopping this year, but I have given him a list and I am hoping that he is going to stick to it. The other reason I feel bad is that I am going to miss Chandler’s first big school play, this is his first Christmas play and I don’t get to go Sadhe is ok with it but is upset that I can’t come. I hope that this will be the last one that I miss. Well back to knitting!

Instead of froggin

Instead of froggin my niece’s scarf (too short) I decided to go get another ball of hush and picked up some stitches and added another ball. I like it much better now! I needed a model so Jacob said he was willing he is too funny! I love the little pose!! So now I am off to make more hats!! Knitting

Yes another hat!

I got another hat done today this one is for my niece Amanda, I can cross her off the gift list she is now done! I used Manos Del Uruguay I love this yarn. I got some goodies in the mail today from my last stitch marker pal.

Wendy Aren’t they great! I love them so original! Thank you very much!! They will get a lot of use! I must go sleep now so I can get up and knit some more!!

I can’t stop!

I can’t stop myself! I made another hat tonight I think this is my hat. I used Noro Kureyon color # 102 I love the colors. This is the first time I have used Noro and I am in heaven! It is great. The feel of it is wonderful. The picture doesn’t do the colors justice! I am going to have to go buy more to make a matching scarf !

Another Hat done

I got Chan’s done a few minutes go. I used cascade 220 in kelly green he picked it out the color, size 10 needles I started it last night and it was very fast knit. Now on to the next hat!!

Happy Turkey Day!!


I hope that everyone had a happy turkey day!! Mine was very got and I got to spend it with both sides of the family!! I managed to get Patricks hat done and teach Amanda how to knit! All and all a very productive day!! Patricks hat was done with camouflage yarn. and size 10 needles. I started Chandlers hat so I am hoping that I can get it done tomorrow, so I can get back to my holiday list. I only have 16 more things to go! I hope I make it in time. I am sure that I will be up all night on Christmas eve finishing things up. Between now and Christmas I will be having surgery so I am sure it will be fun! Turkey

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