I want to scream!!!!

This is a non knitting post. I am going to apologize for the whining ahead of time.

I went to the doctor today for my pre of testing and paper work.. I get the and the nurse who I don’t like very much anyway said we have been trying to get ahold of you there is a problem with your insurance it won’t cover your surgey at this hospital. I should have left right them and there, but I didn’t so I wait for 25 minutes and get into the doctors office and he walks in the door and says Mrs. Harvey I can not do your surgery here it will have to be rescheduled again! Me: Ok how long do you think it will be Doctor: Probally 2 to 3 weeks
Me: Your kidding this has been over a month and you want me to wait longer to know for sure if I have cancer. Doctor: That is what I said.
So then he proceeds to tell me that he will be removing my ovary along with the fallopian tube and the mass.. Hello SHOCK! So did not see that one coming! So I leave the doctor and go back to the nurse and she tells me she won’t be able to give me a day until tomorrow or Monday. I am so frustrated and mad right now I could spit nails! I don apologize for all the bitching and whining but I needed to get it out! Now I am going to go knit a scarf and try to calm down! I hope everyone is having a better day them I am having!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Becky
    Nov 09, 2005 @ 16:46:00

    I think you have chosen the right therapy for the moment. That is a nerve-wracking development. It makes you wonder how any of us survive the bureaucracy of insurance that ties up our health care.

    Hope things get straightened out quickly and the doc’s office does it right this time.


  2. Susan
    Nov 10, 2005 @ 11:37:00

    I hate all the insurance bureaucracy. Tell them to do the surgery, and that you don’t have 3 weeks to wait. Be persistent.

    I’m so sorry they are putting this off.

    Take care of yourself and KNIT!


  3. Kimberly
    Nov 10, 2005 @ 17:44:00

    Oh I am so sorry! I can’t believe they are putting you through this? Have you thought about maybe switching doctors?? 😦


  4. Dani
    Nov 10, 2005 @ 18:07:00

    the medical profession is painful, only made worse by the BS insurance companies who make EVERYONE crazy
    Hang in there – it will get sorted one way or another

    Hugs (from a quarentined distance, I still feel like hell)


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