Ramblings of a sleep deprived crazy person!!

I didn’t sleep again last night I am going to about 2 hrs of sleep right now. I didn’t do any knitting last night which surprised me! I went through a bunch of papers that needed delt with and rechecked my list of gifts I have checked a lot of stuff of! I only have 9 more things to knit! Now realistically I won’t get it all done. I am pretty sure that the gift I am making for my mom won’t be done until after and I know she doesn’t mind, because she is great!
Hubby and I had a good talk the other night and got a lot out in the open about the up coming event’s. His wonderful sister’s are going to help him out with Christmas shopping so he doesn’t have to do it all. That makes me feel better! Chandler has agreed to reenact his play for me and has already started singing me songs. He is so cute! Patricka and Jacob are helping me out by picking up the house! I have to say that I have three great kids that I totally adore!
Well enough rambling! I need to go take a small power nap! Have a great day!!


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  1. handknit168
    Nov 30, 2005 @ 20:59:00

    I love the “smiley animals” and I try to add to my blog.

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