Since Crazy Aunt Purl tagged everyone on the planet I thought well hey why not. So here ya go.

Ten random things you might not know about me
1. I am totally insane! (In a good way)
2. I hate looking at or touching peoples feet
3. I am a total klutz!
4. I have lists for everything but I never stick to them
5. I am a procrastinator with everything
6. I am totally madly in love with my husband
7. My mom is my best friend
8. I am addicted to chocolate and pepsi
9. I am trying to quit smoking
10. I love to dance when no one is looking

Nine places I’ve visited
1. Washington D.C.
2. St. Louis
3. Hawaii
4. California
5. Florida
6. Georgia
7. Tennessee
8. Kentucky
9. Michigan (total accident I got lost lol)

Eight ways to win my heart
1. Honesty
2. Sense of humor
3. Forgiveness
4. Showing compassion for people
5. Hold my hand
6. Be passionate
7. Enjoying the simple things
8. Chocolate!!

Seven things I want to do before I die
1. Go to Ireland
2. See my boys happy and have their own family
3. Build a house
4. Go to college
5. Build a darkroom in my basement
6. Go to Paris in the spring
7. Re marry my husband

Six things I m afraid of
1. Spiders
2. Bridges
3. Losing the people I love
4. Not being good enough
5. Guns
6. Mice

Five things I don’t like
1. Rude mean nasty people
2. Injustice
3. Liars
4. People who pretend to be nice
5. Losing

Four ways to turn me off
1. Lying
2. Cheating
3. Telling me things about myself that I need to change
4. Cruelty

Three things I do everyday
1. Hug my kids
2. Knit
3. Talk to my mom and dad

Two things that make me happy
1. Music
2. My family

One thing that is on my mind right now
1. The ton of things I need to get done before next week

So there you have it.

Tonight was my last cub scout meeting until January YEAH!!! I don’t mind doing it but I am really going to like the break from 9 screaming boys! We went to the post office my SIL is the postmaster at and she gave us a tour and they bought stamps and mailed letters to Santa. They all had a really great time! I am going to answer the letters for them so they will get one back.
Chan’s letter to Santa made me cry he is such a sweetheart . This is his letter

Dear Santa,
My name is Chandler and I have been a very good boy this year. What I would like most this year is a game boy micro and a donkey kong game, and I want very much for my mommy to feel better. I love Christmas! I will be leaving you milk and cookies. I love you Santa!!! Have a very merry day and feed the reindeer a carrot for me!
Merry Christmas Love,
Chandler Harvey
He is so he had Jacob help him write it. On that note I think I am going to try to get some sleep
I know Mandy sleep she doesn’t do that. But hey Im going to give it a shot!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Iris
    Dec 01, 2005 @ 05:28:00

    Hi Mandy,
    As a regular reader of your blog, I’m impressed of the number of things you get done and also for knowing what you want to do in future… There aren’t many people who really know.
    Chan’s letter to Santa is so SWEET, I love it! If you’d like to receive letters sent from the Holyland (Israel) just let me know your address and I’ll send you some nice postcards & photos!
    All the best,


  2. Sedie
    Dec 01, 2005 @ 14:07:00

    Hey Mandy, loved getting to know you better through your meme. Sorry about the hats, you know I understand. . . the letter to Santa from Chan is so sweet. . . kids never cease to amaze me.


  3. Jenn
    Dec 01, 2005 @ 14:16:00

    hey Mandy, sorry you have to rip out the hats! Chan is so cute! That letter was so sweet!


  4. Dani
    Dec 01, 2005 @ 21:23:00

    Yay you did the me-me!! Why am I not surprised there are some similar answers?

    Glad you’re getting some MUCH NEEDED rest =)–>


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