Yup another hat

Yup another on done! I am going to be glad when I am done making hats!! I must admit that I love Noro! I have made 2 hats from this and got 2 different results. I love it! I am so buying more!! I have 1 more hat to make from this color and I am sure that it will look different from these 2 !
I have to go t the doctor again today( much later) I get to do all the pre surgery crap. Man I tell you I am sick and tired of doctors! I did get all the insurance crap worked out so thank god! So Tuesday is the big day I am getting nervous and scared. I will be staying over night for at least one night hopefully not 2 I don’t think I could stand being away from the boys for 2 days. Over the summer my mom kept them for a week they were 150 miles away from me and I missed them so much!! Don’t get me wrong I loved the break from my kids and alone time with hubby, but I missed my babies!! Back to the point. Your thinking what does that have to do with this crazy persons surgery..Nothing but who cares!! I will miss my boys I want to try to disrupt their lives as little as possible. That is what I was getting at I think.
I did get a little sleep last night YEAH ME!!! I think I slept for about 3 hrs. That is a record for me the past few weeks. So I am hoping for 4 hrs tonight! That would be great! Enough rambling I do that well don’t I!
I hope that everyone has a great Friday and weekend!!


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