Last post of the year…..

Ok so today is that last day of 2005. I have to say that I am glad that it is coming to an end! This year has taught me a lot about myself. I have a new out look on life now. I just go with the flow I mean really what more can I do it’s not like I can scream and yell and bitch and moan. So I got thrown a curve ball just now I just wait for a good one. We have been cleaning my house most of the day to get it all nice and clean I know sounds fun doesn’t it! Little bit is sick today he got up at 5:30 and threw up all over and has been doing that all day poor guy he is very pitiful! So he has been laying around watching toons all day lucky him! I think he planned it that way! I am done for the day so I thought I’d sit down and relax and knit for a little while before I fall asleep. Have fun tonight and be safe! All the crazy people will be out and about! Oh and Becky have some tequila for me tonight!!! Happy New Year!!!


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  1. Dani
    Dec 31, 2005 @ 19:08:00

    Hey you – sorry I have been behind in my blog reading, was thinking about you when your update notice came thru – bummer about the appendix but thankfully it is treatable and the Dr is optimistic =) Stick with that positive attitude, you know how important it is!

    Glad the holidays were nice for you!!


  2. Becky
    Jan 01, 2006 @ 04:12:00

    Keep on keeping on, Mandy! May this new year bring wonderful changes for you are yours.


  3. Iris
    Jan 01, 2006 @ 13:45:00

    A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Mandy!!
    I also spent yesterday’s night at home knitting… but at midnight went to the window to watch the fireworks in the horizon at the hotels’ area….just beautiful!


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