Too funny!

I was looking around the web today and found this. I now feel very bad for all the muppets I have had a hand in murdering!
I wanted to let you guys know that there is going to be a hat KAL started soon.
Becky and I are going to co-host it I know a lot of people who are going through chemo that would love a hand made hat! That would cheer them up so much I love the fact that people want to make hats just for me but I could never do that I would feel way too weird about the whole thing! So thank you all for being so kind!! I truly appreciate it! I will let you all know when it is up and going! Thanks again!!! Happy Knitting!


Yet another hat!

Yes I made another hat! I made a very big hat that would cover my ears when I am outside. I used Noro Silk Garden color 233 I love this yarn it is not itchy like I thought it would be. I started this last night at about 10:30 and finished this afternoon. Hats are so fast to make! Hopefully I will be able to finish dads scarf and Beccas blanket by this weekend. Wish me luck!

I am so excited!!

I have been wanting to do this for about 2 weeks and now I can!! My brother is getting married!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wakka Wakka Running Man Aren’t they adorable! I have been wanting to tell someone about it but he hadn’t asked her yet and I had a feeling she want going to say no! This is cool! I get a new sister in law and she knits!! I also get a new niece!!! So happy! This is Josie! And this is the ring my brother bought Lisa and I can say you did good bub!! Well I am off to knit the day away! Have a great weekend!!

Witty title goes here

So I didn’t get much knitting done today I did make myself a hat my head got really cold for some reason! BounceI love that yarn I wish I knew who sent it to me! So I thought I would show all of you my big bald head! Aren’t we cute! Ya right! It is weird how much we look alike now! He keeps coming up and rubbing my head saying it’s cool momma! He’s great! Patrick is being pretty cool about it to he’s not saying much and Jacob thinks it’s awesome as long as he doesn’t have to get a hair cut! He is letting it grow because he thinks he is a hippy! Joe did a really good job shaving it I think he had a little too much fun doing it though! I must go and knit some more on dad’s scarf! Hope everyone has a great knitting weekend!!

Bad Day

I am having a real bad day, my hair started falling out last night not a little but a lot I have about half of the hair I did 2 days ago. It really sucks I didn’t think it was going to be as hard as it is. So I am just going to have Joe shave my head tonight! That way I don’t start crying when I have a big chunk of hair fall out!! …….Ok enough whining! I have joined yet another knit along to make the clapotis, I need something to keep myself busy! I am still mad at my mittens so I haven’t touched then for 2 days, I started knitting my Dad the Irish Hiking Scarf this is the first time I have done cables ever and I love it! I was always too scared that I would screw it up but it is so easy! I love the yarn and the way it is turning out. I need to get this and the baby blanket done by next weekend so they can go one with my mom. I hope that you like the color Dad! I am going to make another one I am just not sure what color. I also found out that Joe cousin is going to have a baby! So that mean another blanket. They don’t want to know what they are having so I am going to use a very pale yellow and a cream color I have the yarn picked out all I have to do is go buy it! I have until May to do that one so there is no rush starting it. Happy Knitting!!

Someone Shoot Me!!

Today started out so good! I started the second mitten and got it done, and went down to the basement and started to felt them so I could have a nice pair of warm mittens, but the DAMN THINGS WON’T FELT!!!!! I am so mad right now I have put them threw the cycle 4 times and nothing is happening! I don’t know if I am doing something wrong, I know the yarn will felt it is Noro and Alpaca. Any suggestions would be helpful! Happy Knitting!

My Weekend Treats!

This weekend I worked some more on Becca’s blanket I have now used 2 balls and am getting ready to start the 3rd. I was going to do my other mitten but I just wasn’t feeling it, so it’s back to the blanket. It was a pretty quiet weekend we didn’t do much Joe moved the furniture in the living room and I supervised and that is pretty much it just stayed at home and relaxed. It was nice for a change! On Friday afternoon I got RAOK’d again! This one I know who it is from!!!
Janet Thank you so much!!!! The boys got to the candy before I did! I love the yarn very soft!! So that was my weekend relaxing and knitting! That is what I am doing tomorrow too! Happy Knitting!!!! Sorry Janet blogger is being stupid right now! Go visit Janet at!

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