What a weekend

I tell ya when it rains it poors!!!!! Last night I had to take Joe to the hospital, he has a heart condition his heart beats really really fast. The last time this happened they had to shock his heart to get it back into a normal rythem. This time mediation seems to be working. They took him to ICU last night and got him all hooked up and he made me come home. I wanted to stay but I gave in and actually listened to my husband. My poor boys don’t know what to think both their parents sick. Joe’s can be controlled with meds if he takes them which he will or he will have to deal with me and he won’t want that to happen 🙂 So I am hoping that they let him come home today I have grown very attached to him and it was very quiet here last night. I did manage a little sleep not much but I did get some. Chandler wanted to sleep in my room last night I think he was afraid something was going to happen to me if he didn’t keep an eye on me. So now I have to find someone to watch them form me today so I can go to the hospital:) I am glad that Joe has sisters that live very close!! I hope everyone had a get weekend!


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