I got paid to knit! I made 2 hats for one of the moms at the kids school and she gave me $40. I thought that was a bit much for 2 hats, but hey now I can buy some more yarn!! 🙂 I also got 2 more orders for hats. Pretty cool!
I started another baby blanket today for a guy that Joe works with his wife is due in May and the baby shower is in 2 weeks so I thought I would make a quick one and I must say it is going rather fast. I also finally sat down and started that damn clapotis! I am almost through the second section and I finally have the hang of it! I hope! There is not much else going on here just trying to get things back to normal as much as possible! I did watch Harry Potter last night and now I am going to have to get started on the Weasley soon! Maybe even another scarf if I can ever finish the one I have started!! Happy Knitting!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Dani
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 07:16:00

    Congrats on your sale! No matter the amount, you deserved it!!

    Keep me posted ont he Clap, will ya You k now it’s on my “list” (nad your Anne is gorgeous – LOVE those colors)


  2. Ashley
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 12:12:00

    That’s great! I always feel bad when people try to give me so much for knitting, but then I think about all the time and effort that went into making the item. Congrats.


  3. Anonymous
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 14:25:00

    Congratulations! May there be many more! Your SP7.


  4. kat
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 19:27:00

    $40 is not too much for two hats…think of the time & care you put into them…


  5. Soap Fiber Gal
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 19:40:00

    Thats GREAT! Keep up the good work! Now spoil yourself and add to your stash… hmmm That wonderful Anne yarn looks nice!? ;o)))


  6. Knitcrazy
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 19:52:00

    Doesn’t it feel good to know your knitting is appreciated..
    I usually say one price and then they give me more… 🙂


  7. ~Tonia~
    Mar 09, 2006 @ 23:57:00

    Yeah for selling your handiwork! It makes one feel good knowing that others appreciate your work. Glad that you are feeling a little better. Hope the chemo is over for you soon.


  8. Iris
    Mar 10, 2006 @ 17:40:00

    Wonderful news, Mandy! keep up the good work! Yes, I do feel better now, and my vacation was about three weeks ago – but it was really great… amazing how time flies….


  9. Nessie Noodle
    Mar 11, 2006 @ 17:18:00

    Hi Mandy! I haven’t stopped by in awhile and thought I would say hello and see how you are. Sounds like you have some good stuff going right now, that is very cool about the hats! good for you- always feels nice to have your work appreciated and enjoyed by others.
    hugs~ NessieNoodle


  10. dreamcatcher
    Mar 11, 2006 @ 19:34:00

    That is excellent news about the hats, great stuff! Can’t wait to see some progress photos on your Clapotis. I think once you have the hang of the pattern it’s easy to work out where you are with it – only the stitches at the far ends of the rows “change” on the knit rows. Hope that makes sense LOL!


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