Dish Cloth

I got my Mason Dixon dishcloth done today I am going to have to make more I like dish cloths they are so fast to make. I used Peaches and Creme from Wal Mart a whole $1.27 a ball in the colors light blue and sea mist. I had bought a bunch of this a few months back for some nice cotton hats for summer and now I have a new reason to use it! Chandler needed a hair cut and wanted his head shaved bald so I was cutting his hair and he asked if he could have a mohawk so I said sure why not so here he is . Now I didn’t say he could keep it like this so I took some pictures and then finished shaving his head now he is as bald as I am Bounce He looks very cute! I tried to get Patrick and Jacob to get a hair cut but they didn’t want one. Jacob wants his hair to grow out like his cousin and I don’t think Patrick really cares! Have a great night!!


Great weekend

This is going to be a picture loaded post just to warn you! We had our family reunion on Sunday. I haven’t seen most of them for years. It was nice to see them. I had a good time. This first photo is of my dad’s brothers and sisters and their families there are 4 people missing 2 of my cousins and Lisa and Josie. I haven’t seen most of them since my grandma passed away. One of my cousins lives pretty close to me and one of his little boys and Chandler got along really good so I am sure we will be visiting more.This is his youngest daughter Dani don’t you love the cheeks!! Next picture is my Mom and my brother this is one of the few time the woman sat down all day! Then there is my dad 🙂 This is a very good picture of him! And everyone has to have one of these pictures! My brother taking and picture of me taking a picture.That was Saturday night. I had a great time. Now on to the knitting
I did not get the socks done yet in fact I have had to rip back and then I got mad so I put it away for a few days. I did however start something new for me I got the Mason Dixon knitting book a few weeks ago and haven’t started it anything yet so I have finally started the ball band dishcloth. I have picture but they don’t seem to want to load so I will put them up later. Until then have a wonderful day/night/morning.

A quick sock update

I have just turned the heel on the first sock. These would be going faster if I had more of a chance to knit this week but oh well! This is my first time using the Trekking XXL and I like the yarn but I am not sure about the colors. But so far so good I like how it is coming out and I am hoping that I will be done with both before I leave my moms this weekend since they are for her!!
Today is my baby’s birthday! He is 7 I can not believe that he is that big! It seems like yesterday that he was just a little guy who needed his momma but know he is a big boy that wants to hang out with dad and the boys no girls aloud! Happy birthday Chandler!!
Check these out I-pod socks! They will fit up to a nano and a small cell phone.

It’s Done!

I got the blanket done about an hour ago it would have been done this afternoon but I forgot the boys had their crossover banquet for cub scouts tonight. Chandler is now a wolf and Jacob is a webelo 2. They are going to march in the memorial day parade on monday, they are very excited about this. Back to the blanket….. I still have to block so I guess it’s not totally done but close enough for me! When I cast off I had 550 stitches on the needles I used 2 1/2 balls of yarn. I will make this blanket again but not for a while. I am off to get started on my moms socks. Happy knitting!!

Almost done

I have used 2 skeins of Cotton fleece that are 215 yards each and I have finally made it to the seed stitch boarder! I had to put it down for the day on Saturday my hands couldn’t take it anymore so I picked it back up last night and if I had not be falling asleep knitting I would have finished it. I will be done with it by early evening if things go as planned but we all know how that goes! I will get a good amount done when I am waiting for the boys after school they are always the last ones out.
After I get this done I have to finish my mom’s mothers day socks, we are going down to my parents this weekend. It is going to be a busy weekend, Friday I have chemo in the morning and it is Chandlers birthday the big 7!! Then after the boys get out of school we are driving down to mom and dad’s the Saturday we are having a family reunion. I can’t wait I haven’t seen a lot of my family for a long time. Then Sunday we are doing Chandlers birthday party and I think were coming home Sunday I am not sure if Joe has to work on Monday so who know with that one! It will be a fun weekend! I am sure I will have lots of pictures when I get home! But for now I leave you with my almost finished pinwheel that did not make it’s dead line to go home when the new baby did. Oh well I tried at least he will get it before his first birthday!!

And the pinwheel is getting larger

I have been working on the pinwheel for a little bit today. I should have it done tonight or tomorrow. I had a good visit with Doctor Hottie! He told me I have a drainage problem with my veins so he gave me more pills and told me to stay off my feet and keep them up so that is what I have been doing today. I don’t know how long that will last I have to many things that need to get done, but for now I will listen and be a good girl. I have started a project that will be my first design I am excited about it. It is going to be for Josie. So I am hoping to have it done before summer is over. I am going to go get some more blanket done. Happy knitting!!


I have been kind of out of it the past few days I got pretty sick sunday night and stayed that way until today. I wanted to get some knitting done but I couldn’t focus. I get to go to the doctor in the am, this is my family doctor I call him doctor hottie because he is really hot! He kind of looks like Colin Farrel. Anywho my legs are about 3 sizes bigger then they should be. So we’ll have to see what is going on there.
I have got some knitting done today I started a pinwheel baby blanket for a friend who had a baby boy this morning! I was supposed to have this done about 2 months ago but I kept putting it off! I am hoping to have it done in the next 2 days so he can have it when he comes home. I started this this afternoon but I kept having to start over so I didn’t get very far. I am going to knit a bit more before I go to bed. Happy knitting!!

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