A thru Z meme….. try it you know you want to

A = Age: 28

B = Booze: I can’t drink right now but when I did it was Jack Daniels, Corona, and Alabama Slammers

C = Career: Full-time mom

D = Dad’s Name: Mike

E = Essential Item to Bring to a Party: dessert, usually a cake

F = Favorite Songs at the Moment: Don’t really have one I listen to all types of music

G = Goof-Off Thing to Do: Sleep in, Stay up late

H = Hometown: Urbana, Ohio

I = Instrument You Play: Piano

J = Jam or Jelly You Like: raspberry or blackberry

K = Kids: 3 boys Partick 12, Jacob 10, and Chandler soon to be 7

L = Living Arrangements: We have a nice little house that was share with 2 dogs

M = Mom’s Name: Sally

N = Names of Good Friends: Oh boy too many to name and I don’t want to forget anyone!

O = Overnight Hospital Stays: Lets see had my tonsils outwhen I was 8, Delivering Chandler, and having a hysterectomy

P = Pets: 2 year old blak lab Cally and 5 year old Jack Russell Skip
Q = Quotes You Like: none really

R = Relationship Status: Married almost 7 years to a wonderful man

S = Siblings: Just my brother Scott

T = Tea: Earl Gray and Green tea

U = Unique Trait: I’m a good listener

V = Vegetables You Love: Mushrooms, tomatoes, green bell pepers

W = Worst Traits: control freak, and a bit of a slob

X = X-Rays You’ve Had: lungs many times for my asthma, dental ones, foot, ankle, plus various ultrasounds, CT scans

Y = Yummy Food You Make: chicken itialian

Z = Zodiac Sign: Scoripo

That was pretty fun, if you haven’t done this and would like to concider yourself tagged! I am off to knit. Have a great day!!


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  1. Anonymous
    May 16, 2006 @ 15:06:00

    Hi Mandy,

    Michelle from knitalittle here. You asked about my pattern for footies. I can tell you I started with Priscilla Gibson-Roberts toe up sock pattern (His-Her Crew and knee sock) in Interweave knits (Spring 2002) It was the first toe up pattern that I could get the hang of and like. I played around with the cuff till I just turned it under and hemmed it. If you want to know more I’m always around.

    Happy knitting


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