Almost done

I have used 2 skeins of Cotton fleece that are 215 yards each and I have finally made it to the seed stitch boarder! I had to put it down for the day on Saturday my hands couldn’t take it anymore so I picked it back up last night and if I had not be falling asleep knitting I would have finished it. I will be done with it by early evening if things go as planned but we all know how that goes! I will get a good amount done when I am waiting for the boys after school they are always the last ones out.
After I get this done I have to finish my mom’s mothers day socks, we are going down to my parents this weekend. It is going to be a busy weekend, Friday I have chemo in the morning and it is Chandlers birthday the big 7!! Then after the boys get out of school we are driving down to mom and dad’s the Saturday we are having a family reunion. I can’t wait I haven’t seen a lot of my family for a long time. Then Sunday we are doing Chandlers birthday party and I think were coming home Sunday I am not sure if Joe has to work on Monday so who know with that one! It will be a fun weekend! I am sure I will have lots of pictures when I get home! But for now I leave you with my almost finished pinwheel that did not make it’s dead line to go home when the new baby did. Oh well I tried at least he will get it before his first birthday!!

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