The Good The Bad and The UGLY!!

The Good:

We have had some exciting news here at Casa de Harvey! I’m pregnant! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! No seriously though my brother and Lisa are having a baby!!! YEAH!! Oh so happy! I have to start looking for patterns for some cool baby stuff! They just found out yesterday and I am guessing and March or April birth. I am very happy for them!

The Bad:

I spent 3 hours last night trying to get a ball of lace weight yarn wound and had to throw out about half of it because I couldn’t get the knots out! So I went to get more of the same color lot and they of course were out! Just my luck! So now I have to order a different yarn for Icarus. Oh well


I have knee high mold in my basement family room! This truly sucks! We just re did this room when we moved in and it is a very nice room! Everything in it is new! And more than half of the cloths that were in the basement are ruined! This is a result of last Wednesdays rain storm. Thank god that insurance will cover it! There is someone coming tomorrow morning to look at everything. I have been told not to go in the basement! I’m no fool! I don’t want to get sick! Poor Joe worked so hard on that room! It took him 3 weeks of working after he got off his day job to get it done! But I am very glad that it was found now and not when it got out of hand and we had to redo everything!

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!! Happy knitting!


One of those days

Last night Joe and I took the boys to the beach and they had a good time we left a little early it looked like it was going to rain. When we got home I cooked dinner and then started in on Icarus lets just say we are no longer friends! I am not happy with it at all! My stitch count is way off and then when I tink back to fix it I lose where I was in the pattern and get ahead of myself. So I am going to go through the cart row by row and write it down on index cards so each row is one card that way I can’t screw that part up! So I knit on the Harry Potter book mark instead and it was a peaceful evening!
Everyone needs to head over to Dani’s blog (for some reason my html codes are not wanting to work today)
she is running a contest. She has fabby prizes! Go and donate to the Avon walk for Breast Cancer!
I get to go camping this weekend! I am actually looking forward to it. The kids are really excited! Chan is itching to go fishing with his Grandpa! So I get to look through my WIP basket and see what I am going to take to knit! I will probaly take moms socks and restart them on smaller needles I think that is why I am getting holes! I am off to go mow the lawn to surprise Joe (who thinks I don’t know where the lawn mower is) since I am a nice wife! Happy knitting!!

OK we’ll try again

What should I name this hat
Pinky and the cream
Be a square
Pink squared
Powered by Quimble – Create and Share Polls


What should I name this hat
Pinky and the cream
Be a square
Pink squared
Powered by Quimble – Create and Share Polls

I thought I would share

I have been working on a new design the past few days getting it from paper to the needles has been a fun experience. I am not sure about the color order yet. That is still a work in progress! I know you can tell one color but I am not telling the other 2 🙂 I have frogged this version to and cast on with a different color. I took a pic to ask my mom the art teacher for advice and she gave great advice! So Thanks Mom!! I have put this to the side so I don’t get frustrated with it and I will pick it up tomorrow. For last night and tonight’s knitting I worked on mom’s sock and now I have a big hole!! So I have frogged all together and I am going to cast on in a smaller needle size. I have also started a Harry Potter bookscarf for mom on size 1 needles she lost the last one I made her!! SO she gets a new one!I am going to start on Icarus tonight I have to wind some yarn and then I’ll be off on my lace adventure!! The house has been pretty quiet today the boys were out having fun and bugging each other and not me so that was nice!! I think I am going to go wind up and cast on! Happy knitting!!

My 200th post and Odessa is done!

I can’t believe this is my 200th post!! I got Odessa done this afternoon knitting through big thunder storms and power flicker’s. What fun! Last night we had tornado warnings it was a fun night we lost power a couple of time just for a few minutes at a time nothing big. The basement flooded just a wee bit and it got all cleaned up today. So here is Odessa in all her glory, next time I knit this I am going to have to go down a needle size.
Pattern: Odessa
Started: 6/20/06
Finished: 6/22/06
Needle: Size 4 and 6
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece Tangerine
Now that I have this one done I am going to start on my next design I have it sketched out and it looks good on paper so I just have to get it on the needles! Happy knitting!!

Hat pattern

We have the start of an Odessa. We are doing a feature hat of the month at Caps for a Cure and Odessa is this months. I am using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Tangerine. I really like this color. I am almost to the first decreasing rows I started last night at about 10 pm, so not bad for a nights work. I will post a picture when I am done. I just got back from chemo and I took the 2 hats that I made a few days ago and the pink one was spoken for as soon as I put it on the table!

You’ll have to help me think of a name for this hat!!
I have the pattern for the hat I made yesterday so here ya go I hope you enjoy!

Supplies: Yarn Cascade Sierra Pima Cotton in 2 contrasting Colors
US Size 7 circular needles and size 7 dpn
A tapestry needle

Cast on 82 stitches place marker, join in the round careful not to twist the stitches
Work a K2 P2 rib for 1″
Switch to stockenette stashes and knit for 2 1/2″
Beginning of the round K2 Main Color K2 Contrasting Color whole round
Round 2 K2 MC, K2 CC whole round
Round 3 Knit all in MC whole round
Round 4&5 K2 CC ,K2 MC whole round
Round 6 K all in MC whole round
Round 7&8 K2 MC, K2 CC whole round
Round 9-12 K all in MC
Decreasing Rounds
Round 1 K8, k 2 tog to end
Round 2 K7, k 2 tog to end
Round 3 knit to end
Round 4 K6, k 2 tog to end
Round 5 K 5, k 2 tog to end
Round 6 k to end
Round 7 k4, k 2 tog to end
Round 8 k3, k 2 tog to end
Round 9 k to end
Round 10 k2, k2 tog to end
Round 11 k1, k2 tog to end
Round 12 k to end
Round 13 k 2 tog to end
Slip to tapestry needle and weave in all the ends.
Hand wash and lay flat to dry Enjoy your new hat!!
If you have any questions or if you find a mistake in my pattern(this is the first one I have written) feel free to email me!

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