One sock done!

So last night I got one of mom’s socks done finally! After 4 pattern changes and knitting and frogging I finally got one I liked! I am using the Simple Trekking Socks from I really like the pattern and I think the first sock came out great! I like the broken rib pattern at the top. I also like the way it shows off the subtle color change the trekking has! So I am working on number 2 and I just cast on so I am hoping that I can send my mom some socks by Friday! I hope! At Caps for a Cure we are doing a featured hat of the month. Last month was Odessa and it looks like there is going to be a tie between Shedir and Blanche. I want to make both of these. So I better get busy! I am going to be making the Samantha Sock Yarn hat from the daily knitter I just have to find the right sock yarn to use. The pattern calls for Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in Crayon so I’ll have to go and see what my LYS has. And then I found a Kogui hat pattern so I am going to have to find so Kogui my LYS’s don’t carry it so I’ll have to do some ebaying! Well that is all for now! I am doing some swaps on the knitty boards so I can’t wait to get those! All I am going to say is SOCK YARN!!!!! What have you people done to me! LOL Happy knitting!!


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