House Unity book scarf

I cast on for this last night I got pretty far and then had to stop I was going cross eyed from knitting with small needles! But I like the way it is coming out so far. 

 I was feeling pretty good today so I made dinner tonight. I made Chicken Diane it is boneless skin less chicken, green onions, mushrooms, fresh garlic,and hot peppers served on white rice. It was yummy! When I make it I have to make 2 pans because I don’t eat spicy foods but Joe and Jacob do. So Chan, Patrick and I had the non spicy and Joe and Jacob had the spicy and I made it really spicy tonight it was still not hot enough for Joe but I think it was too much for Jacob. I just glad that they all ate it! It is very rear that I find something that the whole family will eat. 2 of them are very picky!! I think I am going to go and knit some more and try to get the bookscarf done!

Happy knitting!!  


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