First entry

So today was an ok day I went and got my C.T scan this am not to bad would have rather done something else but no biggie. After that I stopped by the craft store and picked up some more peaches and cream for some dishcloths and some beads for stitch markers. I went home and was excited to see the first contest entry in my mail box! From Michelle aka soapy   She has a very cute model! The mail man brought me some goodies today!!  Isn’t it pretty!! Yes that is yarn from Dani aka Sunshine Yarns…. I couldn’t wait for my custom order so I got some Shamrock. I can’t wait to get this on the needles!! I am going to make some socks for Chandler since his favorite color is green! I also got to go and get my swift and ball winder today!  This has been used many times already today! I was so happy to get this no more winding by hand!!

I am happy to say that Caps for a Cure is 77 members now and growing!!! We have members in the US Canada the UK and Austraila I am so excited! When Becky and I started this I had no idea that there would be this many people knitting and crocheting hats with us! This month we are doing featured hats Blanche and Shedir. Now I have to admit I haven’t started them yet but I am working on that I am designing and I hope to start one of them this weekend.

Joe is off to Michigan tomorrow morning he is going to Hell to play paintball. I am not kidding that is the name of the town! He is going up with our niece and nephew and brother in law this is there yearly trip. He is in the living room now playing with his guns getting them all ready. He is so cute like a little kid with new toys!! So the boys and I are going to hang out tomorrow and watch some movies and knit!!

I hope that I get some more entries this weekend I will post them when I get them!! Have a great weekend and Happy knitting!!  


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  1. Michelle
    Jul 22, 2006 @ 08:07:17

    Glad CT went well, wishing you good news!! Always feel good buying stuff for your hobbys/crafting after DRs/Hosptial;

    Thats horirble pictures of us! my little one was my photographer!

    What a beautiful green colorway!!Winding by hand !! OUCH! I wish I had know I would’ve gladly wound the yarn I sent you…So happt to see you have euipemnt now!! Dont’ go winding happy, you really should keep your yarn in sk form until ready to use, it stress yarn…heeheee


  2. Anne
    Jul 23, 2006 @ 03:55:00

    _There_ you are – I missed your move to wordpress. Cute contest – I’ll have to start thinking, and fast!


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