It started off good but….

So today started off like any other day but it started a little bit better because I got a full night sleep so it was going good, got the kids off to school and did a few things around the house. I had to run to to post office to get my hats out for Caps for a Cure and mail a few other things so off I went. Go do to the drive thru to get an ice tea and the off I go to the post office. Driving down the highway going 65 ok 75 mph and then it happens…..everything starts to slow down. so I think ok I’ll just push down the accelerator duh it’s not going to do anything. So I look at the gauges thinking something that is really wrong, but no like the dumb-ass that I am ran out of gas!!!! No really I did. So I pull of the side of the road and think  I can get it restarted in a minute so I try that hoping that it will work but no. Ok who to call….. So ok I am screwed because everyone is at work and I have no gas can to even walk to the gas station. what to do ahhh a tow truck…. so 30 minutes they said and I can get to the post office no problem….it will put me behind schedule but that is ok…..well the brilliant driver gets lost duh I am on a high way how in the world can you get lost!! Oh well another 10 minutes so for 40 minutes I got to sit in my car on a busy highway with my car rockin and not in the good way either =) but I had salvation!!

I had brought my knitting bag!!! Picture it sitting on the side of the road knitting a booga bag! But hey I made good progress!!  And now I get to take Patrick to the orthodontist so I will get more knitting time in tonight !Hope everyone is having a great knitting day!


Yeah new yarn!!!

I had to go to the doctor this morning and after I was done I stopped at the lys and found that she just got in Mission Falls 1824 cotton and was getting in the wool in a few weeks! So happy! I love the colors a very pretty teal and a buttery yellow. I also picked up the yarn for my tote exchange pal’s bag I am making her a bogga bag and let’s just say that it will be hard to let this one go! I just cast on while I was waiting for the boys to come out of the school and only made it to the third row. so I will work on it some more tonight while watching tv. I finally got something to help me sleep! They didn’t want to give me anything because of the chemo and side effects and yada yada yada but he gave in today because I have not have more then 2 hrs of sleep a night for weeks! He also started me on topamax for my head aches I have heard great things about this! So we’ll see!

I am off to knit a booga bag! Happy knitting!

First day of school

SO my boys left me today and went back to school……WHOOPEE!!!! No really it was nice to have the peace and quiet again but I missed them! Don’t they look so happy I know they look so excited! They had a really good day at school!  I haven’t been knitting much been pretty tired. I was very excited when the mail man came to the door and brought me my final package from my One skein secret pal Shana! She made me a fabulous clutch and got me some beautiful Lorna’s Laces in the watercolor color way it is just wonderful! She also got a board game called Mancala for the family the boys can’t wait to play it! It was really thoughtful and I love it! Thank you so much Shana!! That is about it for tonight! Happy knitting!!

Some socks done

I got Chandler’s socks done yesterday and they have really been on his feet since I got them off the needles. This is the yarn I bought from Dani of Sunshine yarn’s last month. I really am glad that he likes them but they are going to stand up on there own soon! He passed a mile stone yesterday he learned to ride his bike with out the training wheels! This was a very big thing for him he has been very scared of trying it with out the training wheels, but we talked him into it! Now I can’t keep him in the house!

I almost have one of my sister in laws socks done I am hoping to have them done before this weekend so I can start on another pair. I have a few things that I want to get started I am not quite sure what I want to start first. I am trying to get one more hat done for Caps this week so I can send them out next week. That is all for now. Not too much going on.  Happy knitting!!  


I have the hat pattern on the blog it is at the top on a different page: it is called Swirl hat pattern..let me know if there are any problems!! =) 

Couldn’t think of a title for this post it is pretty much going to cover the whole weekend so here goes……Friday I made this loverly little bag for my one skein secret pal..I used silk yarn that is just wonderful I love using this yarn! We didn’t do much of anything just kind of putzed around the house. Saturday… that is a different story, first thing in the morning Patrick and Jacob’s egg donor came for a visit she only comes to see them once a year and it is just enough to get them all worked up and it takes me forever to get them back to themselves. So she came and took them for the day so that left Joe and I with just Chandler.. this never happens so we went to breakfast and then did some shopping. When we got home Joe and Chandler ran to the paintball store to get some things before he played on Sunday and I stayed home and cleaned out my sun room because my wonderful parents were on there way were buying us a new patio set for the room. So very very nice I have been sitting in there since Sunday. Anywho Saturday when Joe and Chan got back we had a water balloon fight that was totally one sided since Chan had all the balloons and the hose. Joe didn’t seem to get wet but I was soaked. I think they planed it that way. Then we went to the grocery store and by the time we got home and had dinner done Mom and Dad were here.

Sunday the boys left with the egg donor again and Joe left to play paintball so mom and I left Chan and Dad at the house and went shopping at Fashion Bug! So fun! I got a shirt, skirt, and 2 pairs of capri’s. All on sale!! Yeah! When we got back mom and dad left for home and Chan and I just hung out until the boys got back. When the boys got back the egg donor could not quit petting Patricks head it really pissed me off he is not a puppy or a kitten you don’t pet him! Then I had to ask her about money because she hasn’t been paying anything ever! So she has the gaul to give me $25. I mean come on what the hell is that going to get them? I might buy one shoe… She is such a moron! I really can’t stand her I don’t dislike many people but she is on the top of my list because she just walked away from these boys and doesn’t even care. It makes me so mad that she thinks she can just walk back in after a year of a few phone calls no birthday or christmas presents and come and mess with everything. So she didn’t get them birthday or Christmas presents so she took them to garage sales and spent less then $10. on them She just needs to stay out of their lives!! Ok I am done bitching now.

Sunday night was fun Friday was our niece Amanda’s 17th birthday and we all went to my mother in laws for dinner Sunday night. It was a good time. We came home and I finished one of Chandlers socks and started the second one. We went to get school supplies today….oh the fun. I have to wait until next Monday to get Patricks they don’t have his supply list until the first day of school. Yes in one week I will be a free woman!!! I am glad that they are getting back to school. Now I will get to relax a bit! This is going to be a busy week making sure they have everything.Thursday 2 different open houses at 2 different schools, Friday I have another round of chemo and then Saturday it is school cloths shopping.So by the time next Monday gets here I will be ready for the break!!

New hat design

This is my newest design I haven’t got the patten done yet but  it will be done in the next 2 days. This one went to my local yarn store she wanted a Candy Cane for display the original was pink and sage green very pretty but not big enough. So I have made the changes to the pattern as I went along. Now on to the next design!! Happy knitting!

Oh What a day

We had such a good time today! The boys are all tired and in bed! That is where I will be soon. It was pretty hot today, lots of rides to get a breeze! Chandler rode his first roller coaster by his self granted it was a kids size coaster but that is a big thing for him!! They all had a blast! The boys and I hung out in Camp Snoopy for most of the day and they ran from ride to ride having a great time! Joe and Amanda had a great time riding all the coasters. They even rode the new ride the Sky Hawk. I took tons of pictures and now I have to go through them all but I will do that tomorrow! I need sleep!!

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