Sorry it took so long!

I just got back online!! Yeah me!! So for the long awaited winner of the contest!! It is Holly from with her lovely little Mr potato head yarn creatures! Too funny! Second place goes to Kat for her wonderful Chicken dinner!!! Thanks to all of you who entered! I did get an entry that I could not share  it was very creative   and you will get a little something for that!! Congratulations and thanks for the entries!!

Other news I have been knitting  but not a whole lot this past weekend was chemo and I’m still a little worn out from it. I did manage to get a hat done. I have pictures but I still can’t find my card reader! I’ll post more in a bit I have to run Jacob to a pool party!

Ok so I am back and he had a wonderful time! Got a few things done. So the news from the doctor is that my C.T. scan came back and they found no new cancer!!!!!!!! So exciting!!! It’s the best news we have had in a while! The sad thing is that Joe and I were too tired to celebrate! So we went to dinner with the kids on Saturday.  I was in the local paper yesterday I made front page, small town I was the most interesting thing going! =) The article was about the ACS programs and how they help people. I also manage to work in Caps for a Cure and I have had phone call from a lady that wants to help out so that is pretty cool! I didn’t get to talk to her this morning when she called so I’ll call her back tonight. I am glad that I did the interview that way I could get more people involved.

I am waiting for my new camera I bought it should be here in the next few days Joe bought me a Fuji FinePix S9000 9 megapixel carmera for my birthday, christmas, anniversery and all other gifts for the year! I think its a good trade!!! I can’t wait to get it and play!

I need to go and catch up on my blog reading and email! Happy knitting!


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  1. Michelle
    Aug 01, 2006 @ 15:24:31

    YEAH! Congrats to the winners!! I loveed Holly’s the best!! Glad she won.. Very original!

    Hope you feeling better! Stay cool!


  2. Sarah
    Aug 01, 2006 @ 16:29:41

    Congratulations to the winner! This contest was such fun. I enjoyed viewing the entries and hoped to participate, too. My grey matter just might be a bit more out of order than usual, and I came up empty on the idea front. I hope you get to feeling better soon.


  3. Lisa
    Aug 01, 2006 @ 17:09:10

    AWE COME ONE! I worked dang hard making my entry for the contest, and now you won’t even share it with the world???? LMAO.


  4. Michelle
    Aug 01, 2006 @ 18:10:27

    Great news! Congrats Mandy!


  5. Dani
    Aug 01, 2006 @ 18:17:21

    I am so happy to hear you got such great news from the Dr Mandy – thanks just wonderful! And there will be plenty of time to celebrate when you are feeling more up to it =)

    NICE camera you have coming your way – use it in GOOD HEALTH!!

    Oh, congrats to the winners too – the pics were great!


  6. PBnJ
    Aug 01, 2006 @ 22:39:48

    So glad you got a good report from the doctors. Yay!

    and hurray! I won! Yippee! Thanks so much!!!!


  7. Tiffany
    Aug 01, 2006 @ 23:06:21

    What an exciting report from the doctors. I’m doing the happy dance for you. 🙂


  8. Margo M
    Aug 02, 2006 @ 05:48:38

    Fantastic news from the doctor!
    i was one who read your front page interview and that led me to “Caps”…need to dust off my needles and get to knitting!

    congrats to the winners-dunno what you did or won but hey!!!!!


  9. Kat
    Aug 02, 2006 @ 17:15:18

    thanks for the fun contest!


  10. NessieNoodle
    Aug 03, 2006 @ 12:26:34

    MANDY! I am so happy that your tests came back with such possitive results. That is wonderful. You are a strong and creative person.
    xoxoxx to you my dear.


  11. dreamcatcher
    Aug 03, 2006 @ 19:20:32

    So glad to hear your FANTASTIC news!! And congrats for making headlines in the paper, that is great publicity for CFAC 🙂

    Congrats too on your new camera, 9 megapixel, wow 🙂 The screens are just fantastic on the Fujis too.


  12. zee
    Aug 07, 2006 @ 13:01:29

    Congrats on the good news from your tests! I’m SO happy! Big hugs to you!

    Your new camera will be amazing -I can’t wait to see your pictures! I’m still shopping for a camera, well, actually saving for it is more like it. 😉

    Mandy, shoot me an email, so I can give you an update on your package. 🙂


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