Yeah new yarn!!!

I had to go to the doctor this morning and after I was done I stopped at the lys and found that she just got in Mission Falls 1824 cotton and was getting in the wool in a few weeks! So happy! I love the colors a very pretty teal and a buttery yellow. I also picked up the yarn for my tote exchange pal’s bag I am making her a bogga bag and let’s just say that it will be hard to let this one go! I just cast on while I was waiting for the boys to come out of the school and only made it to the third row. so I will work on it some more tonight while watching tv. I finally got something to help me sleep! They didn’t want to give me anything because of the chemo and side effects and yada yada yada but he gave in today because I have not have more then 2 hrs of sleep a night for weeks! He also started me on topamax for my head aches I have heard great things about this! So we’ll see!

I am off to knit a booga bag! Happy knitting!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dani
    Aug 29, 2006 @ 20:03:55

    ummm Mission Falls cotton…

    Glad they finally gave in on the sleeping aid – you need your rest!! Fingers crossed the Topamax helps as well!!


  2. Michelle
    Aug 29, 2006 @ 22:07:51

    lovley yarn! I’m on a study of topomax and yes it helps those migranes. Your body should adjust within a couple wells to it to,hoep it helps you too
    Take it easy! Drink lots of fluids!


  3. Sarah
    Aug 30, 2006 @ 03:22:49

    Congrats on getting something for sleep. I hope the Topamax is helpful for you. I won’t give you the gory details of my experiences, but then again, there were other agents at play. As a plus, if you look to shed some pounds, I know Topamax helped me knock off a few (which I promptly regained, again, other agents as play there, too). Anyway, enjoy your sleep and new yarn.


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