It started off good but….

So today started off like any other day but it started a little bit better because I got a full night sleep so it was going good, got the kids off to school and did a few things around the house. I had to run to to post office to get my hats out for Caps for a Cure and mail a few other things so off I went. Go do to the drive thru to get an ice tea and the off I go to the post office. Driving down the highway going 65 ok 75 mph and then it happens…..everything starts to slow down. so I think ok I’ll just push down the accelerator duh it’s not going to do anything. So I look at the gauges thinking something that is really wrong, but no like the dumb-ass that I am ran out of gas!!!! No really I did. So I pull of the side of the road and think  I can get it restarted in a minute so I try that hoping that it will work but no. Ok who to call….. So ok I am screwed because everyone is at work and I have no gas can to even walk to the gas station. what to do ahhh a tow truck…. so 30 minutes they said and I can get to the post office no problem….it will put me behind schedule but that is ok…..well the brilliant driver gets lost duh I am on a high way how in the world can you get lost!! Oh well another 10 minutes so for 40 minutes I got to sit in my car on a busy highway with my car rockin and not in the good way either =) but I had salvation!!

I had brought my knitting bag!!! Picture it sitting on the side of the road knitting a booga bag! But hey I made good progress!!  And now I get to take Patrick to the orthodontist so I will get more knitting time in tonight !Hope everyone is having a great knitting day!


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  1. Becky
    Aug 30, 2006 @ 17:39:36

    Hmmmm…that’s one way to get some knitting done. I’ll have to try it sometime. 🙂 You got a lot done!


  2. Sarah
    Aug 30, 2006 @ 20:51:37

    Just think how long it would have taken for the tow truck to arrive if you didn’t have your knitting with you. I’m glad you were able to get some sleep. Now, let me fuss at you for a moment. If you slow down from that ol’ 75 mph, you will improve your fuel economy. Saving gas is good. You can spend some of that gas money on yarn.


  3. Tonia
    Aug 30, 2006 @ 21:19:00

    Of course you had knitting with you. Aren’t all knitters prepared with some sort of project in the car? LOL I am glad that you made it home safe and sound and that the tow truck eventually found you. Yeah for a good night’s sleep.


  4. Michelle
    Aug 31, 2006 @ 08:03:10

    good thing you had kniting with you! Sorry you ran out of gas but think the extra time you had knititng htat you wouldn’t of….See some positive came out of it!


  5. Mom
    Aug 31, 2006 @ 14:51:36

    You are supposed to check the gas guage occassionally. Perhaps you should put a small happy bunny sticker on it to make you look??? What am I going to do with you?
    Sounds like the new meds are working. I hope so! That would be wonderful! Glad everything worked out well. And if the tow truck had arrived to late you always ahd yarn…. no one would convict a fructrated knitter under those circumstances!
    Have a lovely! Mom


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