Happy Birthday to me!!

So this moringing I was woke up by a very sweet little boy singing me happy birthday, but not in the way that you would think. (Chan) Good morning momma

 (Me) Morning sweetie

 (Chan) Hey, it’s your birthday I have something for you

(Me) What is that honey

 (Chan) Go shortie it’s your birthday we gotta party like it’s your birthday

(Me) Thanks Chan 

(Chan) Hey your short and now your old!

 (Me) Gee, thanks buddy I love you too

( Chan) Your welcome momma I love you . I tell you that kid cracks me up everyday! What a nut.  So I get to go to lunch with real adult’s today! I am very excited about this. I need to go get ready!

Happy knitting!!


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. brandilion
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 10:33:36

    congratulations! have a great lunch and happy birthday!


  2. Teyla
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 11:53:10

    Happy Birthday


  3. Vicki
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 12:06:42

    Happy Birthday Mandy!!!

    what a small world this is.. it’s my brothers bday today too!

    I hope you have a great day… I will showing off my new bag to everyone that’ll listen to me..lol


  4. Lisa
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 12:28:23

    I’m done with birthdays…..no #29 for me! That way I can totally avoid the 3—0 one. Ugh, just writing it makes me wanna throw up a little bit!


  5. Birdsong
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 13:44:34

    What a lovely birthday greeting! Have a great day, from another October Birthday grrl.


  6. Becky
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 14:30:41

    Happy Birthday! My calendar has been reminding me for a week now. : ) Hope it is a great one!


  7. stephanie mays
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 15:04:42

    Have a wonderful birthday and a fabulous lunch. (Lunch with adults–I could use that!)


  8. Mom
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 15:27:19

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!! Who cares what number it is? Hope it was a great day and will continue to be a great day! It was a great day 29 years ago…. painful but great! 🙂 LY Bunches!


  9. Sarah
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 15:42:40

    Happy, happy, birthday! I’m glad you’ve recovered from your death well enough to go out and have a lunch with the adults. Enjoy! This is going to be a great year!


  10. Scott
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 15:59:59

    Hey it’s my sister’s birthday today too! Small world indeed.

    Come to think of it she has a chandler too???? hmmm

    Anyways happy birthday to you as well!


  11. Kat
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 16:11:45

    Happy Happy! Have a wonderful day!


  12. Dorothy B
    Oct 24, 2006 @ 23:13:02

    I hope you had a very Happy Birthday today. Love Chan’s birthday greeting.

    Your parcel got held up. It’s going in the mail for sure on Saturday morning. I’m going to send it as fast as I can, but it may be a couple of days after the 1st.


  13. debi
    Oct 25, 2006 @ 13:13:24

    happy birthday, mandy! hope it was great!


  14. Michelle
    Oct 25, 2006 @ 19:25:04

    Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you enjoy it!


  15. Dipsy D.
    Oct 27, 2006 @ 16:38:06

    LOL 😉 And: Happy belated birthday – all the very best to you, and may all your dreams and wishes come true in this new year of yours!


  16. Tonya
    Oct 28, 2006 @ 05:56:44

    happy birthday. i hope the lunch was wonderful


  17. michelle
    Oct 28, 2006 @ 18:43:33

    Hope your Birthday was a good one! What a great way to be woken up 🙂 Kids they certaintly know how to put us in our place.


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