The hat from hell

 I have started this hat 5 times and now I think I’ve got it! The hat fits his head this time and he is picking the order of the strips, the one thing I don’t like it the second set of dots it gathers to much so it make the hat look to skinny what do you think??? Should I rip it out and try something else or just let it go since it is for J and he likes it??? I am going to put it down for the day and pick up C’s sweater and get some more of it done. It won;t take me long to get J’s hat done but if I don’t walk away for at least a day I’ll rip it all out again, and I don’t want that! 

So I started looking at what I need to make for Christmas and I have to make 3 clapotis, 3 pairs of socks, 1 pair of fetching, 6 hats, 6 pairs of mittens, mom’s gift, c’s sweater, and finish peanuts harry potter scarf! Not too much. I hope that it will all be done!! Well I am going to go and get some knitting done. Happy knitting!!


I have been knitting….

 See I really have! 🙂 I made each of the boys really simple stockings so I don’t have to buy new ones, so I got there stockings done and I have started on J’s hat for his school play. He has to have a strange or different hat so he asked me to make him a hat so I had him dig through the stash and he came back with a bag full of yarn and asked me to use every color. So it’s a challenge but I have a plan.. It is going to be a long hat like from the movie A Christmas Story…I will show you progress when I get some made!! Most likely tomorrow.

It has been a long weekend after shopping on Friday morning  I got to go to round 7 of chemo fun fun fun not really by hey I just go with it. The I came home and slept until Saturday!! I am not kidding! I woke up once to get something to drink and went back to bed! Yesterday I didn’t do much , I started J’s hat and another one for Caps. It has been a very long but peacful weekend not having to run all over the place!

Now I have to go and get so hats done and start on my Christmas knitting!!! Happy knitting!!

Edited::  I used 2 strands of Cascade 220 held together You’ll have plenty left over!! I only cast on 40 stitches and the just knit it like a big sock I can give you the whole pattern if you want.  Just let me know!!

Shopping Success!

This morning at about 3:00 J and I got up and went to Wal-Mart to get some things that were going to be on sale and thanks to J we got everything that we needed!! He was running through the store just to get a mp3 player for his big brother! He had such a good time that he wanted to get more and more!!  It was a good time! So I took him to breakfest as a reward for all his good shopping efforts! So now it’s nap time!! I will show you what I have been doing later on today. Happy knitting!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just popped in to say have a wonderful thanksgiving and enjoy spending time with your families!!

My Sockret Pal Rocks!!!

Look what I got in the mail today!! She sent me Socks that Rock inthat Peaseblossom! These are so my colors!! She must have read my mind because I was just looking at this last week!! The boys have been looking at the choco-aid ‘s with small drops of drool on thier chins. 🙂 I love the note book I am always in need of new notebooks, the mini socks are just too cute!! I know where I am going to put them!! I love the little sheep!! I have  3 now 2 black and 1 white they are so cute I almost hate to pull the little tail. I can’t wait to get started on the sock blocker sock! Thank you so much!! I love the way that she put her return address it was wouldn’t you like to know US. Too Funny!! 

I found it!

I found my card and card reader so I can now show you what I have been doing!! This is the back of little mans sweater I got a sleeve started last night. Chandlers sweater 

 Since I can’t show you what I am making my mom so I’ll show you the yarn!! Silk Garden I have been eyeing it for a while and not being able to make up my mind what to make with it, and I finally came up with something that I think she will like.

 I finally got my mittens felted the way I wanted to. Only took 3 times but I really like them now and they fit really good. I will be making more 🙂

This is my prize from Knittin Mittens minus the chocolate 🙂 I got one piece and the boys ate the rest!  I can’t wait to get some free needles to cast on a pair of socks!! Thanks again Susan!!

 I will leave you with my 2 goofy children So cute but so strange! 🙂 Man J needs a hair cut! Happy knitting!!

I’m still here

I would love to show you what I have been doing but for some reason my camera card and card reader are missing in action 😦   Oh well.  I have been knitting a little.  I have made some progress on  little mans sweater I am almost to the arm decrease on the back it’s going slowly but I want it to be done right so that is good. I have made a little progress on mom’s present it requries concentation so I have to do that when no one is around 🙂 

I got my prize from Knittin Mittens in the mail yesterday! What a great prize!! I got a bag of 4 stitch markers a ball of Opal cotton sock yarn in Purple’s Cream’s and Green’s very pretty, and some yummy chocolates!! Thank you so much Susan!! As soon as I find my card and reader I’ll post a picture!!

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