Yes I still knit!

I have been feeling kinda blah, I had round 9 of the second dose of chemo Friday and I think that it waited until the weekend was over so and hit me all at once. Fun but I only have 3 more treatments left and then I am done!!!! So May 16th will be my last treatment! Thank god! I can’t wait! Enough about that I have been getting some knitting done and I finally got around to taking some pictures so here ya go 🙂

 A 2×2 ribbed headband made out of Debbie Bliss Superchunky Cashmerino

 A very warm hat made of Tahki dongnal tweed 2 strands held together

 A hat made of Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed

 Basic Cable hat and mittens made of Alpaca

 Thank you Stealth Sock I love my books and calender and I have already put the yarn cutter to work!! I think that I am going to go knit some more and then go to bed have a great night!! Happy knitting!


Snow and lots of it!

This is my front yard after last nights snow we got about 13 inches we didn’t do much last night just watched the snow and some tv and I knit a little. I got up this morning to this lovely sight!

The boys got to go out and play for a little bit

 I think they are digging a tunnel not sure but it was funny to watch!!

 I think that one is almost as big as Chan!

I might have some pictures of what I have been working on tomorrow but who knows I might be out in the snow with the boys!! I hope you are staying warm and have lots to knit!! Happy knitting!!

I’m Back

I have been away for a month now and I thought it was time that I made my way back to the blog world. I missed blogging but I needed the break and I am glad that I am back!!

Right now in Ohio we are getting one heck of a snow storm 12+ inches by tomorrow so that is exciting! The boys are happy they  didn’t have school today and I doubt they will tomorrow. My camera batteries are charging so I will have some snow pictures for you tomorrow 🙂 I took a small break from knitting too but not that long 🙂 I made a few hats and seemed up Chan-man’s sweater still working on the sleeves but hey at least it’s in one piece almost.  I still have some thing that I need to finish before I start anything new. I have made a deal with myself that they only new thing I start is a hat until all my ufo’s are finished. So here’s my ufo list sock-ret pal’s socks(1 done started the second), my mom’s clapotis(in silk garden), Irish hiking scarf ( in debbie bliss chunky cashmerino) I think that is it. I need to get them done so I can start the Debbie Bliss ABC baby blanket for my new niece or nephew. Who will be joining us in June. So I need to get started on the very soon!!

Until tomorrow Happy knitting!!