I got a finished object

I finished my ISE4 pals scarf I can’t believe how fast it was to knit!  I really like it and I have enough yarn to make another one or two. 🙂 I think that I am going to make her another scarf since I got done so fast and the exchange isn’t over until June. I’m not sure what one to make but I’m sure I’ll find one.

I got some new yarn this week a swap from the knittyboard and some that I purchased for tater’s baby blanket. The first is the swap Cherry Tree Hill Sock Yarn

 very pretty purple and second I got some very lovely Rowan Hand knit cotton  If you guys don’t like this green let me know I think I have some lighter if that is what you would like. Things have been very quiet around here we just hung out all week the most exciting thing we did was take the boys bowling. I will be glad when they go back to school on Monday and I will have my peace and quiet back!! Have a great weekend!! Happy knitting!!


Weekend knitting

 This is a scarf I cast on for my ISE4 partner. I cast on 400 stitches and have knit 19 of 25 rows I like the way it is knitting up. I have been going between this and the test sock I am knitting which is going very well.  I am going to be knitting a lot this week I think! The boys are on spring break and hubby took a week of vacation. 4 boys at home all week someone help me!! 🙂 There hasn’t been a whole lot going on so that is really about it for now. Happy knitting!!  

Needles almost empty

Last night I got Chan’s sweater done except for the zipper. I did that tonight and I didn’t like how it looked so I ripped it out and I redo it in a little while. 

So this leaves me with 2 things on my needles and both of them are socks……and I am going to be test knitting a pair of socks and I get to start my ISE scarf and baby blankets for tater and then we’ll see what I am going to get up to. I have also promised Chan his Harry Potter sweater so that will be on going as well.

In other news I got great news from the doctor at my last chemo treatment on Friday that my next treatment in April will be my last one!!!! I am so excited! By May I should be back to my old self and not felling sick all the time!! I am going to be walking in the Relay for Life this year and I can’t wait I am on the committee and I am really excited about helping! I have been to one meeting and I am looking forward to the next one. During the walk I am going to be in charge of the activities. I also have to start fundrasing for my team. I would like to put a button on my blog but I am not sure how so if anyone know please let me know. If you would like to donate to the American Cancer Society you can email me and can get you the info.  Well that is about it I think. Have a great night and Happy knitting!!

Some finished objects

I got some knitting done this weekend. I finished the socks for my sock-ret pal I changed my mind half way through and just made some simple ribbed socks

 I used Trekking I can’t find the ball band to tell you the color number I hope that she likes them. I also finished my moms christmas present! I know only 3 months late but hey it’s done! So now I can show you because she knows what she is getting

 Clapotis number 2 made from 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden color number 34  I loved working with this yarn. I made it smaller than the pattern but bigger than the scarf pattern I think I stopped at 69 or 70 stitches in  the first section.

Now I just have to finish Chan’s sweater and another pair of socks and I will have empty needles for the first time in a year!! Wish me luck!! Happy knitting!

Have you ever been

So tired that you just can’t sleep??? The last 3 nights I have not slept much since mighty might has been  sick he stayed home from school today and I thought I would get all kinds of things done today and he wanted mommy to lay down with him and I shouldn’t have done that because we both feel asleep and I slept for about and hour and I guess that was enough to keep me going but then when all the kids and Joe went to bed I thought I can’t sleep too so tired so I went to bed and layed there for about an hour wide awake. I am tired but I am awake. So I said why fight it and got up and finished the hat I cast on this afternoon.

 3×3 rib done on size 10.5 the yarn is Debbie Bliss Soho. I couldn’t help myself I got 2 balls in the mail today and cast right on 🙂  And yes that is my hair peeking out though the edges of the hat!! 🙂

 This is all the things I got in the mail today the Lorna’s Laces is from a swap in the knittyboards the rest minus a another ball of Debbie Bliss and bag for my sock-ret pal came from Webs. Silky Wool Elsebeh Lavold nice feel but not sure about the color I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it and a Lexie Barnes bag to hold my needles at the moment. Now that I am awake and finished the hat I think I might work on the Monkey socks. Maybe I’ll get sleepy again 😀  One can hope right! Happy knitting!

I won a contest

I won a contest a few weeks back on http://knittyinpink.blogspot.com   Lousie’s blog and this is what what came in the mail yesterday! 🙂

 Lovely Hip Knits Silk and she sent me some Rowan Cashsoft DK as a extra. Thank you so much Louise I love it! The cashsoft will become a hat and the silk a scarf. 

This has been a pretty long weekend I was sick Thursday and Friday we took the kids out to dinner at the Japanese Steak House Friday night. It was really fun the boys didn’t quite know what to think of the cooks. They really liked watching all of them cook the food, and they enjoyed the food and wanted to go back the next day. 🙂 Chandler got sick Friday night and was up pretty much all night and we finally fell asleep about 4:30 am. Last night was pretty much the same except he was up until about 7:30 am. He is feeling better now. I did start some knitting in between there. I started Shedir from knitty.com and Monkey socks form my sock-ret pal. I have almost one Monkey done and I really like the pattern it’s easy to follow. So hopefully I will have them done soon. 

So hopefully I will have some pictures of FO next I blog. Until then….. Happy knitting! 🙂