Have you ever been

So tired that you just can’t sleep??? The last 3 nights I have not slept much since mighty might has been  sick he stayed home from school today and I thought I would get all kinds of things done today and he wanted mommy to lay down with him and I shouldn’t have done that because we both feel asleep and I slept for about and hour and I guess that was enough to keep me going but then when all the kids and Joe went to bed I thought I can’t sleep too so tired so I went to bed and layed there for about an hour wide awake. I am tired but I am awake. So I said why fight it and got up and finished the hat I cast on this afternoon.

 3×3 rib done on size 10.5 the yarn is Debbie Bliss Soho. I couldn’t help myself I got 2 balls in the mail today and cast right on 🙂  And yes that is my hair peeking out though the edges of the hat!! 🙂

 This is all the things I got in the mail today the Lorna’s Laces is from a swap in the knittyboards the rest minus a another ball of Debbie Bliss and bag for my sock-ret pal came from Webs. Silky Wool Elsebeh Lavold nice feel but not sure about the color I’m sure I’ll find something to do with it and a Lexie Barnes bag to hold my needles at the moment. Now that I am awake and finished the hat I think I might work on the Monkey socks. Maybe I’ll get sleepy again 😀  One can hope right! Happy knitting!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 04:04:57

    The hat is cute. I am quite in love with that Lorna’s Laces. I can empathize withe the sleep issues. I am also not getting the amount of shut eye I need. Sleep well soon, but if you can’t, knit on!


  2. kat
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 10:01:28

    oh i hate not being able to sleep, its just the worst


  3. Tonia
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 10:07:45

    The hat is really cute. I hope you were able to get some sleep.


  4. Scott
    Mar 06, 2007 @ 23:23:23

    YOU HAVE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Becky
    Mar 10, 2007 @ 16:00:28

    Your hair is getting longer! Hope you get more sleep.

    That’s a cute cap. I’ve wondered what the Soho yarn was like.


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