Owl Post

I received my socks today from blogless Jeane she is such a sweetheart! She made me my own pair of Horcrux Sock in wonderful Gryffindor colors!
horcrux gryffindor socks
They fit perfectly!

Socks, Crystal Palace 1.5 circs never tried them can’t wait to cast on, she sent the left overs from the socks , some chocolate drink mix,apple cider, a copy of the Horcrux sock pattern and some cute stitch markers

Thank you so much Jeane!! I feel so spoiled!



So I restarted the jaywalkers I cast on 72 sts. and so far so good so keep your fingers crossed 🙂 I decided to use a bigger needle too so instead of a size 3 I went to a size 4. I like it better the fabric is not so tight. And I am actually on gauge this time I didn’t even bother to check last time I just knit boy was that a mistake! So I have knit a few rows on it this weekend I have mostly been working on taters blanket so I can it done soon. I don’t have much time left.

A good time was had by all yesterday Chan got spoiled rotten lots of Spiderman stuff he is a Spidey fanatic he got the coolest rocket launcher that has nerf rockets so those have been flying all over the place!

 Joe rescued the baby bird and put it in a basket on top of a heavy duty magnet on the tv tower and momma bird has been feeding it so we are hoping that she will put some nest in for the baby.  

Happy Birthday Chan!

This is my baby when he was 1 1/2 he was sneaking into the kitchen to get a cookie after his nap this is one of my favorite pictures of him 🙂 This is my buddy this morning

 My big 8 year old!! Happy birthday sweetie!! Have a great time today!! 🙂

Show and tell Friday

I got one sock done for my Hogwart Sock Swap Pal I have only cast on the second one I have been busy cleaning my house getting ready for Chandler’s birthday tomorrow!  I really like the way it turned out I hope that my pal likes them I hope to get more done on the second sock this weekend. If you missed out on the swap this time Rebecca is hosting  the swap again sign ups open July 14th and the swap runs from Aug 1 to Oct 31st.

I have a crazy bird that lives outside on top of my awing this crazy bird built a nest for her babies

I thought this was odd I kept finding bird eggs in the grass Jacob picked up one and thought it was a egg and it cracked all over him (gross) So I didn’t think there were anymore eggs in there but I was wrong. Yesterday I walked out the door to get the kids from school and there were 2 dead baby birds on my sidewalk, and 2 more in the nest

When I got back from the doctor the nest was empty and one baby on the sidewalk and the other landed in the grass

I wish I could do something but I want the momma to come back and get her babies. But I don’t think that will happen. So I will have to find some place to out them so the don’t get trampled by the boys. I need to go some more cleaning done!! Have a great weekend and Happy knitting!

Ok so the drama continues

Well the toe is fine I like the different color. I cast off and looking at the picture it looks great jaywalkerbut it’s way too wide!! It is 11″ around I don’t know what to do now I cast on the other one with a bigger needle but it looked even worse. So now I am back to square one not knowing what to do my pals feet are not that wide and if I go down a needle size the fabric will be so stiff that it won’t be comfortable to wear. Has anyone had this problem? If so what have you done to fix it? I am almost at the point a picking another yarn but I don’t want to give up yet. So for now I am knitting other things until I find the right answer for these socks.

Problem sloved I hope

Thank you all for your help and advise! I went to my LYS where I have a credit and looked for solid color sock yarn that would match since I have no solid colors in my stash. I think I am in luck I will wait until later tonight to try it out.


While I was there she asked me to make a shawl for her to sell in her store so of coure I said yes so she got the kit ready and I get to knit with a yarn I have never tried before it is Judi&Co. Hand dyed Doodles the color is Nantucket Blue

This will be started this week.  As a payment guess what came home with me


Austermann Step color # 07 and Trekking XXL color #147 I think another pair of Jaywalkers is in my future!

Thanks again for all the help!! Happy knitting! I am off to plant some tomatoes and flowers with Chan the man!

Sock Drama

I had a WTF moment and I am still pretty ticked. I have been working on the jaywalkers all day and I got to the toe decease and guess what  this is what I have left from the first ball did I mention that I only have 2 balls and of course this color is discontinued it is Regia Crazy color #5260, I did find it but I have to spend $25 for the $2.00 yarn so now I am debating what to do my pal has bigger feet than I do so I will need another ball do I suck it up and spend the $25 or rip out and find a different yarn and start over? Any thoughts? I really don’t want to spend the extra money I have already used my yarn budget for this month and that would put me over, but I am so close to finishing the first sock it is driving me crazy. Tell me what you think Joe thinks I am crazy for ranting about a sock, so he is no help! 🙂 I told him the other knitters would understand my dilemma. 🙂


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