Call me crazy

Ok people have been wondering if there was going ot be another Hogwarts Sock Swap. Well I talked to Rebecca wanted a beark and told me to run with it so me being totally crazy I said why not and started the blog! So go here and check it out. Sign ups will start on Monday and last until the 1st of Feb or sooner if we get 100 people. So come and join and have some fun!!


In which very little knitting is done

Happy new year! I have been a bad blogger it seems that everyone in my house has been sick and keeps passing it around. Wonderful son#1 started it off right before Christmas with strep throat and kindly passed it along to me and son#3 son #2 just a bad cold and hubby was too sick to go to my parents for Christmas. Now that everyone is on the mend I can get back to life. I gave up on the holiday knitting. There was no way to get any of it done. I did manage to whip out a little santa hat for beans everyone was calling her Santa Beans she’s too cute!


That was the last thing that I knit in 2007 and I haven’t picked up my needles yet in 2008. I have been working on some Jaywalkers for my friend Trish they were supposed to be her birthday present in October and now I think she’ll just be happy to get them.

 I have come to a decission that I am going to go back to school this year. I have found a program for Medical Assistant and Phlebotomy. Classes start in Aug so unless I find something else this is what I am going to do. I am still looking but as of right now I am happy that I found this one.

I will post a pic of the jaywalkers later I need to go and get son#3 from school. Happy knitting!!

Candy Cane Swirls

Candy Cane Swirls