Someone want to tell me where summer went??

Holy cow it has been a while. My summer went by with a blur.  I am glad that things are slowing down again! I can get back to my knitting and get some ufo’s to fo’s. The boys went back to school yesterday so I have a little bit of piece and quiet again 🙂 P had his first day of High School and had a good time he was very nervous,  J is in the 7th grade this year so he had it under control and the little man is a big 4th grader and was a bit nervous when I dropped him off in the morning but by the time I picked him up he was having a blast.

I didn’t do much all summer but work which is good for the wallet 🙂 but bad for the knitting. I have been slacking on a lot of things I am trying to get myself in the mood to knit right now and it is just not working. I did read 4 great books over the summer I went to get my hair cut and the girl cutting my hair was talking to someone about the twilight series so I had to find out more….. well J took the kids camping one weekend and I had the house to myself quite so I made a trip to borders and found the first one took it home and had it finished that Saturday night went to walmart the next day and got new moon, and eclipse had those finished in about a week and waited patientlyfor breaking dawn. I love these books and if you haven’t read them you should. I think I have read them all 3 times so far  I got my mom and a friend reading them too, so I had someone to discuss plot twists and turns with.  It was a busy summer but a good one. Now I am ready to get back in my knitting groove. So I hope to have some new FO’s to show you soon 🙂


Happy knitting!!