It’s been a while

I know it has been a while since I have posted things have been a little on the wild side here but I have been knitting like crazy and have manged to finish 2 big projects! The first one has been waiting and waiting for me to finish it I started it way bay in October or November I think. Baileigh’s sweater is finished as of last night!

I used the Cable Coat with Hood from Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino the yarn I used is Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo color 134 I think it took around 9 balls and I used a size 3 needle. I love the yarn and the sweater came out great it will be a nice jacket for her this spring and summer. I was just glad to get thins one done before she out grew it!

The second on is for my ISE pal I made her a full size clapotis. I used knit picks dye your own silk merino blend and I dyed it with shades of blue and tan. I love the way it turned out.

Life has been busy with work and the boys I have running around like a crazy woman. Patrick and Jacob just had birthdays and Chandlers birthday is on Monday. I can’t believe that I have a 14 and 12 year old and that baby is going to be 9! Wow I am feeling pretty old.

I am going to be running a contest soon for my blogiversery, I am not sure what kind of contest it is going to be yet but it will be for some good stuff! So make sure you check back!

Have a great day and Happy knitting!



The yarn winners!!

Well I just got home from my Relay for Life and I have to say we raised over $40,000! I am so happy I can’t even begin to tell you. It was a great day topped of by getting the Lisa Souza yarn in the mail for the contest!! So I have done the random number generator and the winners are Tonia and Ariel!!! Email me and I will tell you what Lisa Souza goodies you have won and get them out in the mail to you! Thank you all so much for helping me raise money to fight this horrible disease! I will put up pictures later this week and let you all see the great fun that was had by all today! Have a great night!

Contest winner so far

                Thank you for helping me raise $95.00!!

Since I don’t have the Lisa Souza yarn to see how many and what she sent I went a head and entered you all in the Randon Number Generator and got the winner of the Gift Certificate from Scout. And that lovly gem goes to DANI Congrats!! $20.. at Scouts Swag I hopefully will have the yarn from Lisa tonight So I can draw the other winner or winners! Good luck to the rest of you!!

The socks are getting some sun

I got one repeat of the pattern done this afternoon. I decided on using a pattern from socktopia Marian this pattern just looked like fun to knit so Why not. Now I have to choose between the 2. I love the jaywalkers but I really like this new yarn my sockaplooza pal has no color preferences just to make then colorful so either one would work. What do you think??

My contest is winding down I talked to Lisa about the yarn for the contest and she thought she had mailed it out to me already but saw that she didn’t. 🙂 So it should be here by the end of the week! The contest will close a midnight to night so make sure you get in for the chance to win some Lisa Souza yarn or a $20.00 gift certificate to Scouts Swag

I will leave you with some yarn pOrn! Vesper Sock yarn in the Tartan colorway!

Have a great day!! 🙂

Ready for Relay

**********This Contest starts today and ends June 12th at midnight********

Ok I am getting ready for my Relay for life it is June 16th so I thought I would have a donation contest to help me raise some money. I have some cool things for you to win. The lovely Lisa Souza has been so kind to donate some of her wonderful yarn, the wonderful Scout has donated a $20.00 gift certificate and I have keychains and stitch markers from my etsy store up for grabs. Your asking how do I get in on this….. Well all you have to do is hit the donation button on the sidebar and if you donate $1 to $5.00 you will be entered in the drawing for 2 sets of my stitch markers if you donate $6 to $8.00 you will be entered in the drawing for a sock blocker keychain and my new hat keychain that I don’t have up for sale yet, for a donation of $12 or more you will be entered in the drawing for the yarn and/or the gift certificate. I would greatly appreciate any donation.This goes toward my total I would like to get $150-200 I have $100 already!!I would love to go over that goal! Thanks so much Good Luck!!

****This just in ****
I have been in touch with Miss Violet of Lime and Violet and they will be donating something wonderful as well!! So Exciting! I am at half of my goal Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!!

I won a contest

I won a contest a few weeks back on   Lousie’s blog and this is what what came in the mail yesterday! 🙂

 Lovely Hip Knits Silk and she sent me some Rowan Cashsoft DK as a extra. Thank you so much Louise I love it! The cashsoft will become a hat and the silk a scarf. 

This has been a pretty long weekend I was sick Thursday and Friday we took the kids out to dinner at the Japanese Steak House Friday night. It was really fun the boys didn’t quite know what to think of the cooks. They really liked watching all of them cook the food, and they enjoyed the food and wanted to go back the next day. 🙂 Chandler got sick Friday night and was up pretty much all night and we finally fell asleep about 4:30 am. Last night was pretty much the same except he was up until about 7:30 am. He is feeling better now. I did start some knitting in between there. I started Shedir from and Monkey socks form my sock-ret pal. I have almost one Monkey done and I really like the pattern it’s easy to follow. So hopefully I will have them done soon. 

So hopefully I will have some pictures of FO next I blog. Until then….. Happy knitting! 🙂

Sorry it took so long!

I just got back online!! Yeah me!! So for the long awaited winner of the contest!! It is Holly from with her lovely little Mr potato head yarn creatures! Too funny! Second place goes to Kat for her wonderful Chicken dinner!!! Thanks to all of you who entered! I did get an entry that I could not share  it was very creative   and you will get a little something for that!! Congratulations and thanks for the entries!!

Other news I have been knitting  but not a whole lot this past weekend was chemo and I’m still a little worn out from it. I did manage to get a hat done. I have pictures but I still can’t find my card reader! I’ll post more in a bit I have to run Jacob to a pool party!

Ok so I am back and he had a wonderful time! Got a few things done. So the news from the doctor is that my C.T. scan came back and they found no new cancer!!!!!!!! So exciting!!! It’s the best news we have had in a while! The sad thing is that Joe and I were too tired to celebrate! So we went to dinner with the kids on Saturday.  I was in the local paper yesterday I made front page, small town I was the most interesting thing going! =) The article was about the ACS programs and how they help people. I also manage to work in Caps for a Cure and I have had phone call from a lady that wants to help out so that is pretty cool! I didn’t get to talk to her this morning when she called so I’ll call her back tonight. I am glad that I did the interview that way I could get more people involved.

I am waiting for my new camera I bought it should be here in the next few days Joe bought me a Fuji FinePix S9000 9 megapixel carmera for my birthday, christmas, anniversery and all other gifts for the year! I think its a good trade!!! I can’t wait to get it and play!

I need to go and catch up on my blog reading and email! Happy knitting!

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